"One of the best experiences recording everytime here! Fantastic work w great ppl who show nothing bt passion into what they do. Me & my band Traitors have recorded all 3 records we've dropped & would 10/10 recommend!"  Stephen Arango - Traitors

"Going to Kirkbride Recordings was a turning point in my bands sound, Jesse is the man and knows how to work with any sound/direction you want to go in. Highly recommend booking with him if you want the best quality recording. And if you want to sound fucking HUGE"

​Frankie Cilella - Bodysnatcher

"Super talented dudes! Professional, influential and experienced. If you want your music to sound legit, get involved." Eddi Pickard - Infant Annihilator/Black Tongue

"I've been working with Jesse at Kirkbride Recordings for a while now and he's been absolutely amazing! He's open to suggestions about how you want your mix to sound and gives great professional advice. I'm a drummer and he's a beast at mixing them! Stoked to work on many more projects together and I'm proud to say that Jesse is now one of my closest friends and the only guy I will ever go to get my drums mixed!" Kristina Schiano - YouTube Artist